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2017: A Clarke Odyssey
A Conference Marking the Centenary of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK
Saturday 9 December 2017
Keynote Speakers: Stephen Baxter, Dr Sarah Dillon

Sir Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most important British sf writers of the twentieth century – novelist, short-story writer, scriptwriter, science populariser, fan, presenter of documentaries on the paranormal, proposer of the uses of the geosynchronous orbit and philanthropist.We want to celebrate his life, work and influence on science fiction, science and beyond. We are looking for a twenty-minute papers on topics such as:

  • Clarke’s fiction
  • Clarke, science and scientists
  • Alien encounters and first contact
  • A.I. and computers
  • Big Dumb Objects
  • the Cold War
  • his influence and influences
  • collaborations with other writers
  • adaptations to film, television, radio and comic books – 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Rendezvous with Rama, Trapped in Space, etc.
  • Young Adult fiction
  • politics
  • ethnicity/race
  • gender, sex and sexuality
  • nationality
  • religion and the paranormal
  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon
  • the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction, the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for achievements in space and the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation awards

Please submit four-hundred-word abstracts and a hundred-word biography to AndrewMButler42@gmail.com and P.A.March-Russell@kent.ac.uk by 30 July 2017. The conference will be co-organised by Dr Andrew M. Butler (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Dr Paul March-Russell (University of Kent). Further details will be available from https://2017aclarkeodyssey.wordpress.com/

 4th International Conference His Master’s Voice: Utopias, Dystopias, and Ecotopias, 23rd-26th March 2017. Villa Decius in Kraków (Poland)

Anticipation 2017 

From 8-10 November 2017, Anticipation 2017 will bring international researchers, practitioners and scholars to London to explore how ideas of the future shape action in the present.

The 2nd International Conference on Anticipation provides an interdisciplinary meeting ground in which researchers, scholars and practitioners who are seeking to understand anticipation and anticipatory practices can come together to deepen their understanding and create productive new connections. The overarching aim of the conference and of the emerging field of Anticipation Studies is to create new understandings of how individuals, groups, institutions, systems and cultures use ideas of the future to act in the present.

 You can find further details and submit an abstract through our website: http://anticipation2017.org/

We also invite you to follow and share our social media accounts as they will be used for updates in the coming months and also for engagement at the conference itself: Twitter: @anticip2017 #anticipation2017 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anticipation-2017-1411959882152984/ Instagram: anticipation2017

The deadline for submissions is January 27th 2017.  Please email info@anticipation.org<mailto:info@anticipation.org> with any queries.

Call for fellowship applications at IAS, Central European University

2nd International Multidisciplinary Congress: (PHI) 2016 – Utopia(s) Worlds and Frontiers of the Imaginary

Society for Utopian Studies